Roberta Bails, RN MA blogs through a series of “Letters from Grandmother.” A psychiatric nurse, educator and administrator, her career spanned over forty years.

In 1984, she earned an MA degree in Women’s Studies with an emphasis on women’s health. Approaching women’s health from a feminist perspective, she conducted workshops and conferences on menopause, stress reduction, depression and cancer.

After a spiritual awakening at menopause, she embarked on an inner journey integrating consciousness raising from the women’s movement, meditative and shamanic practices, and Jungian principles of individuation. This odyssey, a lifelong process, led her to the divine feminine within.

As an elder, she writes about women’s way of knowing and the awakened archetype of the wise woman as the feeder of dreams.

Her first book, “The Path of the Wise Woman: A Tale of Spiritual and Mythic Dimensions of Menopause”, was published in 1996.

Roberta is currently writing a book based on her journal entries as a legacy for all grandchildren. The process of writing this book has overflowed into this series of blog posts. She is the mother of two grown children and three precious grandchildren. As an elder toward the end of her journey, she is completing the cycle of daughter, mother and grandmother, maiden, mother and crone.